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"Turn Back Crime"

The Russian MIA joined the Interpol global information campaign "Turn Back Crime"

It is aimed at preventing crime and raising the public awareness of the activities of Interpol and law enforcement agencies of its member countries. For these purposes, different methods of information dissemination are used, including media sites, popular social networks, video channels, etc.

To promote the project, a special Internet site (www.turnbackcrime.com) has been created, which concentrates on news stories, feature videos, reminders to citizens on how to protect themselves from criminal encroachments and other information. Well-known film actors, athletes, artists and politicians have already become Ambassadors of the project.

According to Interpol, informing the public on existing criminal threats will help in preventing crime and increasing the public safety. Under the auspices of the campaign "TURN BACK CRIME" countries of the world plan various thematic events (contests, seminars, press conferences, etc.). Interpol is also considering the issue of establishing the World Day of fighting the crime.

Information messages within the framework of the project will be distributed by all its participants with hashtags #TogetherWeCan #TurnBackCrime. By reposting this message, every citizen of any country in the world will contribute to the fight against international crime.

To implement the project "Turn Back Crime" on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Russian MIA will create a special section on its official website where it will regularly publish information on the events conducted by the Ministry, as well as examples of effective cooperation of the police with Russian citizens and public organizations.

Together, we can turn back crime!

Press-Center of the MIA National Central Bureau of Interpol


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